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12 Nov '09
Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant has opened a...
12 Nov '09
Stolitsa Nizhnys Stroygrad has announced $35m plans...
12 Nov '09
Authorities in the Republic of Chuvashia have...
12 Nov '09
Surgut-based Utair airline has announced plans to...
12 Nov '09
A total of $5.7m is to be spent on roads construction...
12 Nov '09
A $6.4m access motor road to Ulyanovsk from Kazan ...
12 Nov '09
A total of $66m is to be spent on apartment blocks...

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22 Dec '20
Chemists at the Tomsk State University (TSU) in...
20 Oct '20
The Russian market still has a strategic meaning for...
23 Jul '20
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14 Jan '21
The Russian Government has approved the final...
11 Jan '21
A Russian 3D-printed gas-turbine aircraft engine,...
22 Dec '20
Russian researchers have come up with a new Si...

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